e-cruise controls

Autostrada can supply electronic (e-cruise) cruise controls, traditional cable cruise controls and speed limiters for most makes and models.

Autostrada E-Cruise Cruise controls are easy to fit, and in most cases are customised to suit their particular application. This ensures a perfect fit with the highest level of reliability. In fact we are so confident in our cruise controls that we will match the vehicle manufacturer's warranty which can be up to five years. Even a second hand car has a three year warranty.

As all of the E-Cruise kits are customised, you don't need to program or calibrate the units, saving time and frustration especially in busy areas where it is difficult to drive at a constant speed.

The E-Cruise is mostly "plug and play" so you don't waste time trying to solder wires upside down under a dash. This is not only much quicker, but also more reliable.

Many of the cruise controls connect to the CAN line, further reducing installation time and increasing reliability, and because each kit is customised, we can often supply the genuine switch, or one that is very close to it.