cable cruise controls

Autostrada has a range of traditional cable throttle cruise controls for most makes and models.

Autostrada have cable operated cruise controls for older vehicles using cable throttle systems. We offer both Vacuum and Electric servo operated cruise controls. The vacuum kit is more cost effective but usually takes a little longer to install. We would recommend the Electric for turbocharged cars or vehicles with a weak vacuum system.

Both the Vacuum and Electric cruise control kits carry a 2 year, 40,000km warranty for parts regardless of whether they are fitted into a new or second hand vehicle. Installation should be carried out by an experienced installer as you often need to customise brackets and run wiring through the firewall.

We also offera choice of stalk or steering wheel control switch with these cruise controls kits. Manual vehicles may also require an additional clutch switch which we can easily supply.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help where we can.